Do you have a Greivance or a Complaint?

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Step 1 – Informal approach

Wherever possible an employer should make an initial attempt to resolve a grievance informally.

Step 2 – A formal meeting with the employee

This will involve holding a grievance hearing with an employee. The employee has a statutory right to be accompanied at a grievance hearing by a trade union representative or work colleague.

Step 3 – Grievance investigation

If there is a need to conduct a grievance investigation, it will include speaking to witnesses and any individuals implicated in the matter. This will help to shed light on the grievance and to establish the facts of the case.

Step 4 - Grievance outcome

Once the investigation has concluded and all of the facts established and considered a decision will then be made about whether to uphold all or part of the grievance or if to reject it. The decision should be communicated to the employee.

Step 5 – Grievance appeal

The grievance outcome should notify the individual of their right to appeal. The appeal hearing chair should then establish why the employee is appealing the decision and what resolution the employee is seeking.