Muslims Urged to Strengthen Family Ties

By NDLG Communications Office


The Imam of the Ntungamo district mosque sheikh Rhamathan Rwamahe has asked Muslims to strengthen families if the current political and social insecurity is to be stopped.

Preaching during the Eid el Adha prayers at Ntungamo district mosque, he said most of the challenges in the country currently begin at family level and with families breeding violence and economic insecurity high, the country must pass through a series of violence until the issues are resolved.

He challenged leaders to follow their promises especially those they make while looking for positions that when they remember them it is easy to adjust to demands of electorates and refocus their minds.

The District Qhadi sheikh Swaleh Kashangirwe led the prayers for Eid. He asked Government to release the Ntungamo Municipality MP Mr Gerald Karuhanga to avoid being seen as if they are persecuting opponents. He said political tolerance need to be practiced.