Ntungamo locals cautioned as a stray crocodile is sighted in the area

By Cummunication office


Authorities in Ntungamo district have cautioned locals to stay away from Omungyenyi swamp after a stray crocodile was sighted in the area.

The Crocodile in has been sighted near omungyenyi trading center in Rubaare sub county.

Ntungamo district Tourism officer Robert Aturinda says that the crocodile is mature and has been sighted near Omungyenyi bridge where locals have been watering their animals and others thronging the area for swimming.

Aturinda says that the locals must be extra careful and desist from visiting the spot up to when the crocodile is captured by Uganda Wildlife authority.

He adds that the district is already in touch with Uganda Wild life authority and preparations to capture and relocate the crocodile are underway.