110 million Ntungamo road repair project launched.

By Anthony Kushaba


In a bid to uplift both its infrastructure and the lives of its inhabitants, Ntungamo District has unveiled an impressive road enhancement endeavor, valued at a substantial 110 million shillings. The ambitious project sets its focus on the Nyakisa-Zeituni-Kabumba road, a pivotal route stretching across 11.2 kilometers. The ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the commencement of this transformative initiative was held at the picturesque Zeituni Bridge, a symbolic representation of the district’s dedication to progress on Friday 25th of August 2023.

Samuel Muchunguzi Rwakigooba, a figure of immense influence as the Chairperson of Ntungamo District, underscored the multifaceted significance of this road development undertaking. Beyond its physical aspect, this initiative was crafted with a dual purpose in mind, seamlessly intertwining the welfare of the local populace and the enhancement of vital infrastructural corridors. Aiding the farmers and residents in smoothly transporting their agricultural produce to burgeoning markets was presented as one of the primary goals. Additionally, the project aims to create an intricate network of accessibility to essential services, a testament to the district’s commitment to fostering development from the ground up.

At the heart of this transformation lies a meticulously planned sequence of activities that promise to reshape the landscape and the lives of its inhabitants. The comprehensive scope of the project spans far beyond the ordinary, encompassing tasks such as the strategic clearance of vegetation that has long encroached upon the road’s potential. The implementation of cutting-edge gravel surfacing techniques is set to provide a robust and lasting foundation for the road, ensuring its longevity even in the face of adverse weather conditions. A well-thought-out drainage system, a crucial component often overlooked, will be intricately woven into the road’s fabric, safeguarding it from the perils of erosion and flooding.

One of the pivotal engineering components that underscores the district’s dedication to quality is the planned installation of head walls. These robust structures will fortify the culverts, enhancing their resilience and ensuring uninterrupted passage even during heavy rainfalls. Charles Kusemererwa, the Acting Engineer of Ntungamo District, expressed unwavering confidence in the competence of the engineering team spearheading this endeavor. With their expertise and dedication, they are poised not only to meet but also to exceed the set benchmarks within the prescribed timeline. The project’s focal objective is to weave an unbreakable thread of connectivity between the sub-counties of Nyabushenyi and Nyabihooko, thereby fostering unity and shared growth.

Local sentiment is unequivocally aligned with the transformative agenda of this project. Yoram Bashaija, the Chairperson of Nyabushenyi’s Local Council Three, articulated the collective sigh of relief reverberating through the community. For years, they had been awaiting improvements to the Zeituni Bridge and the surrounding road infrastructure. This initiative holds the promise of easing their daily commutes, improving their economic prospects, and strengthening their bonds as a community.

The inauguration ceremony, a harmonious blend of tradition and progress, drew a diverse crowd of dignitaries and stakeholders. Among them were members of the District Executive Committee, dedicated councilors representing the vibrant sub-counties of Nyabushenyi and Nyabihoko, esteemed local council chairpersons, revered religious leaders, and the very heart of the initiative—the community members themselves. Together, they marked the beginning of a journey that transcends asphalt and concrete, a journey toward a more connected, prosperous, and united Ntungamo District.

Some of the locals and leaders at the site of the bridge .
The local leaders further revealed that the current state of the road had crippled access to Kiyaga primary school and people could not easily move to access medical attention from Rwashamaire health centre IV since the year 2014.