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District Profile

Created in 1993 from the two districts of Bushenyi and Mbarara , the three counties of Kajara, Rushenyi and Ruhaama plus the part of Rwampra county formed Ntungamo district administration boundaries.



Ntungamo District is bordered to the north by Mitooma District, Sheema District and Mbarara District, going from west to east.

 Isingiro District lies to the east, the Republic of Rwanda to the south, Kabale District to the southwest and Rukungiri District to the northwest.


 The district headquarters at Ntungamo, are located about 66 kilometres (41 mi), by road, southwest of Mbarara, the largest city in Ankole sub-region.

The general coordinates of the district are: 00 53S, 30 16E. The district covers 2,051.4 square kilometres (792.0 sq mi) of which approximately 0.2% is open water, 3.4% is wetland and about 0.01% is forest

Size and population

Ntungamo district has a total land area of 2184Km2 it has a population of 455,799 composed of 216,999 and 238,800 females (as per February 2011).


Administrative units.

The district is composed of three counties of Kajara, Ruhaama and Rushenyi and 1 municipality, Ntungamo municipality, under which are 18 lower units called sub counties (including 3 Divisions).


The Sub counties and Town Councils are;




Sub counties:


Kibatsi, Bwongyera, Ihunga, Naybihoko,


Town councils:


Rwashamaire ,Rwamabondo ,Nyamunuka,Kagarama


Sub counties:

Rugarama, Rubaare, Ngoma, Kayonza

Town councils:

Rwahi-Rwentobo and Rubaare




 Sub counties:


Sub counties:

Rukoni East, Rukoni West, Ruhaama, Ruhaama East,Nyakyera, Ntungamo, Rweikinro, Itojo


Town Councils:

Rwoho,Miram Hills/Kafunjo,Kitwe,Nyakyera


Ntungamo municipality:

Western Division, Eastern Division and Central division



The district is basically agro based with heavy reliance on subsistence Agriculture. Economic emphasis is put on coffee growing, Livestock rearing and Matooke production. Most sources of income of people of Ntungamo are trading, sale of labor, small scale manufacturing, sale of Agricultural products, public and private sector employment among others.