Civil servants advised to prepare for retirement

By Anthony Kushaba


Civil servants in the country have been urged to always prepare for retirement on time.

The call was made on Wednesday by the principal human resource officer, Ntungamo Jennifer Muhairwe, while speaking at the launch of the Greater Ihunga-Kabasti pesioner’s association held at Century Guest House in Ihunga Sub County.

Muhairwe revealed that some civil servants usually wait until they can no longer receive pay to start processing their gratuity, which he says is inconvenient.

Speaking at the same function, the association’s chairperson, Janet Bagarukayo, urged pensioners to always work together to ensure that the challenges affecting them are addressed instead of suffering in isolation.

Doreen Komuhangi, a senior community development officer in Ntungamo district, revealed that the pensioners must always ensure that they lead a healthy lifestyle if they are to avoid diseases, which often take a toll on their finances.

Rev. Canon Fred Lubega revealed that pensioners who take good care of themselves find fewer challenges in life, adding that coming together makes it easy to account for one another’s welfare.