Joy as Nyanga and Ihunga healthcare facilities receive equipment

By Anthony Kushaba


In the heart of Ntungamo district, a new chapter has unfolded for the health centers of Ihunga and Nyanga.

The sun rose with a golden promise as the district leadership gathered to inaugurate a momentous occasion – the handing over of state-of-the-art medical equipment and furniture to these health centers. It was a testament to the local authorities' unwavering dedication to improving their community's health and well-being.

As the district chairperson, Sam Muchunguzi, led the team in delivering the medical equipment, a sense of excitement and gratitude filled the air. His words carried weight as he addressed the gathering of health workers, locals, and officials. "These tools are not just objects," he emphasized. "They are instruments of care, instruments that will safeguard the health of our community."

Turning to the health workers, Muchunguzi urged them to make the most of the equipment, ensuring that it translated into better healthcare for all. He spoke passionately about the importance of regular medical checkups, highlighting how prevention was often the best cure.

But the commitment didn't stop at equipment alone. Muchunguzi shared an announcement that echoed the district's dedication to long-lasting progress. "We have decided to eliminate the use of ordinary cement finishing for all our health facilities," he declared. "This move ensures that the structures we build withstand the test of time, serving generations to come."

Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi supervising Nyanga health center III after the delivery of the equipment .
Robert Niwamanya the deputy resident district commissioner asked the health workers to always treat their clients with care and try to create a conducive environment that facilitates the uptake of medical services.

John Kabeho, the Rubaare sub-county district councilor, praised the cooperation between the district leadership and the government in bringing this vision to life. He acknowledged the significance of these modern facilities and equipment, commending the collaborative efforts that made it possible.

John Kabeho (left) the Rubaare sub-county district councillor welcomes Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi at Nyanga Health Center III.
Beatrice Chemisto, the acting district health officer, stepped forward to remind the health workers of their vital role in the community. "Your commitment is essential," she stressed, urging them to continue serving the people with dedication and punctuality.

Simeon Kakoona a resident of Nyanga parish revealed that he was very excited by the delivery of the medical equipment adding that people will no longer have to trek long distances in search of services. He commended the district leadership for giving health service delivery the first priority.

Paddy Mugarura, chairperson of the health management committee for Ihunga Health Center III, spoke with enthusiasm about the advancements. "We are not only receiving new equipment but our health center is also being elevated from a Health Center II to a Health Center III," he shared. The excitement in his voice echoed the sentiment of progress that was palpable in the room.

Dan Ruhemba, the Local Council Three chairperson for Kagarama town council, acknowledged the district's dedication to ensuring the equipment's effectiveness. He expressed optimism about the future, believing that more positive changes were on the horizon.

At Ihunga, Bibiana Kakikoni, the Ntungamo district secretary for health, delivered a poignant message about the power of teamwork. She emphasized that a unified effort among health workers would lead to effective service delivery, ultimately benefiting the people they served.

Shallon Birungi, representing the chief administrative officer, appealed to the local leaders. She urged them to mobilize the community, encouraging them to make the most of the modern facilities and services available. The combination of advanced equipment and engaged community members would not only fight diseases but also create an environment conducive to development.


As the day came to a close, the health centers of Ihunga and Nyanga stood as beacons of hope, equipped to provide better care, offer modern services, and serve as symbols of progress. The story of that day echoed through the halls of the health centers, reminding everyone that when leadership, dedication, and community spirit came together, remarkable transformations were possible.