Ntungamo Authorities embark on restoration of Kyabajwa wetland

By Anthony Kushaba


Authorities in Ntungamo district have embarked on the restoration of Kyabajwa wetland.

The wetland in question is located in Kyabajwa village of Itojo Parish in Itojo Sub County –Ntungamo district.

Abraham Atuhaire an environment officer with Ntungamo district says that over three hectares of the wetland were encroached and depleted by locals who have been growing cabages, tomatoes and planting of Eucalyptus trees.

Atuhaire revealed that the activities threaten the ecosystems as well as threatening the existence of wildlife.

Abraham says that the restoration which started on Friday will continue up to when the entire area is restored.

Itojo sub county district Councillor Muhumuza Denis Savimbi revealed that the leaders in the area are ready and willing to work with the district and sub county leaders in ensuring that the environment is protected.

The head of the district natural resources department in Ntungamo Dinah Tumwebaze says that a section of locals in the district have become very stubborn and resorted to encroaching on wetlands.

Tumwebaze further revealed that the technocrats are working closely with the politicians to ensure that the existing wetlands are protected while those that have been encroached on are restored.