Ntungamo chairperson roots for teamwork

By Anthony Kushaba


Ntungamo district local council chairperson Sam Muchunguzi Rwakigoba has called on the civil servants in the district to embrace team work if effective service delivery is to be realized.

Muchunguzi who was last evening speaking at the retreat for the heads of departments and the members of the district executive committee held at Mutumo Island resort on Lake Nyabihoko revealed that team work makes it easy for the staff to work together in harmony as well as supporting one another in case of need.

Muchunguzi further revealed that the district is committed to ensuring that services such as infrastructure especially roads leading to markets, education and production which he says are key drivers of development.

Speaking at the same retreat, Ntungamo chief Administrative officer Mathias Ndifuna asked the civil servants in the district to embrace delegation of duties which he says avoids delays and ensure smooth working relations.

William Kanyesigye a retired chief administrative officer and a trainer called on the civil servants in the district to always ensure that they support the political wing through giving them technical guidance on time so that they are able to make lawful decisions.

Kanyesigye revealed that once the technocrats and politcians play their roles well, this will result into better performance and realization of the government agenda of improving the livelihoods of the people.