Ntungamo district receives 270 bags of cassava cuttings

By Anthony Kushaba


Ntungamo district has today received a total of 270 bags of cassava cuttings from operation wealth creation.

The cuttings are according to Ntungamo district Agriculture officer Esther Atwiine will be distibuted to farmers in 24 lower local governments in greater Ruhaama and Kajara counties.

Atwiine adds that the cassava is aimed at supporting the farmers in the respective areas to get clean and high yielding planting material.

Atwiine adds that the planting material will also help the farmers increase the quantity of cassava produced as well as ensure that there is food security in the area.

Ntungamo resident district commissioner David Kaboyo urged the farmers in the area to put the cassava cuttings to good use and ensure that the intended purpose is realized.

He revealed that once the cuttings result into better yields thus fighting poverty and leading to improved household income.