Ntungamo District Unites in Grief, Calls for Reconciliation

By Anthony Kushaba


Ntungamo district is currently engulfed in a deep sense of mourning as it bids a heartfelt farewell to two highly respected councilors who tragically lost their lives in a devastating accident. Pius Niwagaba, the LCV councilor representing Nyarutuntu sub-county, and Monica Kutamba, who served as both the councilor for Ngoma sub-county and the district secretary for works, met an untimely demise in a fatal collision on Monday.

This heart-wrenching incident unfolded near Muyogo along the Ntungamo-Kabale highway, approximately four kilometers from Ntungamo town. Their vehicle collided with a box body motor vehicle, registered as UBD 660V, owned by Nile Agro Industries and approaching from the Rubaare direction. Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that Niwagaba, who was behind the wheel of the Toyota Wish, was driving at an unsafe speed amid heavy rainfall. Upon spotting the approaching box body vehicle, he attempted an abrupt braking maneuver, inadvertently causing the vehicle to veer into the center of the road.

Tragically, control was lost, and their vehicle swerved into the path of an oncoming truck, leading to the immediate loss of both councilors.

Samson Kasasira, the Rwizi Region Police Spokesperson, confirmed the sorrowful incident, underscoring the role of adverse weather conditions in exacerbating the severity of the accident, with rain making the roads dangerously slippery.

Amidst this collective grief, Ntungamo district's leaders are issuing a heartfelt call for reconciliation and unity. While speaking during the special council sitting to mourn the fallen councillors today ,Samuel Muchunguzi Rwakigooba, the district chairperson, expressed his deep condolences and emphasized the councilors' unwavering dedication to their roles. He appealed to those embroiled in conflicts to set aside their differences and prioritize public service over personal interests.

Asuman Kigongo, the vice-chairperson of Ntungamo district and councilor for Nyamunuka town council, stressed the crucial need for councilors to avoid divisive actions and resist succumbing to public pressures that might lead to errors in judgment.

Emily Niwagaba, the female councilor for Nyabihoko sub-county, underscored the urgency of bringing the district together to resolve long-standing disputes. She acknowledged the history of discord and disagreements within the district and called for an end to these tensions.

Denis Muhumuza Savimbi, councilor for Itojo Sub County, recognized recent challenges faced by the district and called on the community to collaborate and seek forgiveness as a path to healing.

Bibian Kakinoni, the secretary for health, emphasized the necessity of unity among district leaders, highlighting the significance of working in harmony for the greater good.

Atuhaire Elijah, the councilor for Rugarama North sub-county, reflected on the shared characteristics of the departed councilors, such as their courage in community mobilization and unwavering commitment. He urged current councilors to draw inspiration from the dedication of the deceased to build a stronger Ntungamo.

Bata Kamateneti, the woman Member of Parliament representing Ntungamo, lauded the unity demonstrated by the district chairperson, Sam Muchunguzi, and the council during this trying period.

Henry Nkwasibwe Zinkurateire, the Member of Parliament for Ruhaama constituency, paid tribute to the deceased councilors as hardworking individuals dedicated to delivering exceptional public service.

Mathias Ndifuna, the district chief Administrative officer, conveyed the district's deep sadness over the loss of these councilors and highlighted their remarkable ability to listen to the concerns of their constituents.

This special council session also drew the presence of prominent figures, including the Ntungamo resident district commissioner, Deputy resident district commissioner Robert Kamuntu, and Members of Parliament Naome Kabasharira for Rushenyi county and Benjamini Kamukama for Ruhaama East constituency. Additionally, the district chairperson for Buhweju district, Deo Atuhaire, and Jemimah Buhanda, the Shema District chairperson, were in attendance to pay their respects.