Stakeholders Unite for Climate Information Sensitization and Restoration Efforts

By Anthony Kushaba


Farmers in the south-western district of Ntungamo are being urged to become environmental champions, recognizing their critical role in determining the future of agriculture and preserving the region's ecological balance.

Esau Nsimire, the District Internal Security Officer, delivered a compelling message during the closure of a one-day meeting at the Embassy Tours Hall in Ntungamo municipality. Representing the Resident District Commissioner, Nsimire emphasized the indispensable role farmers play in determining the fate of wetlands. He urged them to actively engage with their communities, acting as stewards who can confront and discourage activities that lead to the depletion of vital natural resources.

Highlighting the significance of timely climate information, Kalema Abubakar, a weather analyst at the Uganda National Meteorological Authority, called upon locals to leverage the information available to them. Abubakar stressed that proactive planning based on accurate weather forecasts can prevent financial losses and crop failures, fostering a more resilient agricultural sector.

Moreover, Abubakar underscored the shared responsibility of every individual in protecting the environment. He drew attention to the critical role wetlands and forest cover play in shaping the country's weather patterns, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to prevent their further depletion.

Dinah Tumwebaze, the Natural Resources Officer for Ntungamo District, commended the collaborative efforts of the government and key partners such as the Uganda National Meteorological Authority and the Green Climate Fund. These partnerships, she noted, have been instrumental in supporting the restoration of wetlands, a crucial step towards ensuring environmental sustainability.

The participants in this crucial dialogue included extension workers, parish chiefs, town agents, LCIII chairpersons, and members of the district security team. The diverse representation demonstrated a collective commitment to addressing environmental challenges and fostering a community-driven approach to sustainable agriculture in Ntungamo District.

As Ntungamo takes bold steps towards environmental stewardship, the call for farmers to champion the protection of the environment marks a transformative moment, signifying a united front against climate change and ecological degradation.