TASO donates a motorcycle to Ntungamo District.

By Anthony Kushaba


In a move that promises to bolster healthcare services and accelerate the testing of human samples, The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) has donated a Yamaha DT motorcycle to Ntungamo District local government.

The donation was formally presented to the district leaders at the headquarters today.

During the handover ceremony, Sam Muchunguzi, the Chairperson of Ntungamo District, expressed his sincere gratitude to TASO for its dedicated support to healthcare initiatives within the district. He particularly highlighted the instrumental role TASO plays in facilitating health service delivery and the vital testing of human samples.

Muchunguzi revealed that the donation symbolizes a leap forward in addressing transportation challenges related to the timely collection and delivery of human samples.

Sam Muchunguzi the Ntungamo district LCV Chairperson trying out the new motorcycle.
Joseph Ikinyomu, a   laboratory specialist at TASO, conveyed the organization’s intention behind the gesture. He underscored the significance of enhancing the swift movement of samples from smaller healthcare facilities to larger ones, ensuring prompt delivery of results.

He added that the act extends beyond Ntungamo District, as Joseph further disclosed that TASO is also set to donate a motorcycle to Isingiro District, in addition to two more motorcycles earmarked for Kiruhura District. Such benevolent gestures are anticipated to instill heightened efficiency in healthcare.

Joseph revealed that the donation was made possible with funding from USAID.

Beatrice Chemisto, the Acting District Health Officer in Ntungamo, exulted in the substantial impact of TASO’s donation on the local health sector.

She emphasized that the additional motorcycle would substantially alleviate the transportation burden of human samples. Previously relying on only two sample riders, the district will now have three dedicated individuals, simplifying their responsibilities and improving overall efficiency.

Ntungamo secretary for health Bibian TASO’s gesture is celebrated not just as a motorcycle donation but as a catalyst for progress in healthcare accessibility and delivery in Ntungamo District.

Shallon Birungi clapping at the motorcycle is received
Shallon Birungi the clerk to council who represented the chief administrative officer said that this demonstration of partnership between TASO and the local government paves the way for improved healthcare outcomes and streamlined operations across the region.