Teachers Warned Against Alcoholism

By NDLCG Communications office

Civil Servants have been cautioned against alcoholism a practice which is said to be disrupting their ability to teach effectively.

The call was made on Tuesday  by the Ntungamo district chief administrative officer Joanita Nakityo while speaking at the farewell party for the district education officer Odo Arigye who is retiring held at Sal Guesthouse in Ntungamo Municipality.

Nakityo revealed that his office has received several concerns that a big group of teachers has been engage in overconsumption of Alcohol thus failing to be a good example.
She revealed that the district leadership will not hesitate to take action against those engaged in Alcoholism.
She also asked those in service to engage with those who have retired for improved service delivery

Ntungamo head teachers association chairperson Johnson Muhinda revealed that education officer has been supportive to them and helping in solving challenges amicably.
Ntungamo district speaker Elijah Atuhaire revealed that the education officer lived a responsible life and managed to build a great team which has been vital in improving the standards of education in the district.
Atuhaire says that the education officer has been championing the provision of lunch for the school going children which he revealed improves school attendance and performance.

Ntungamo district woman member of parliament Beatrice Rwakimari called on those still in service to emulate the retired education officer.

Odo Arigye has served as inspector of schools in the districts of Kabale and Kisoro.The education officer received two heifers as a token of appreciation from the leaders and staff.