Ntungamo District Chairperson Advocates for Increased Utilization of Government Health Facilities

By Anthony Kushaba

Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi has called for increased utilization of government health facilities in the district to eradicate diseases.

The chairperson was speaking on Wednesday at the handover ceremony of newly constructed facilities at Kafunjo Health Center III in Kafunjo-Mirama town council. Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi Rwakigoba encouraged local residents to prioritize the use of government-supported health facilities for timely medical care.

Ntungamo Chairperson calls for joint efforts towards environmental protection


By Anthony Kushaba

Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi Rwakigoba has called on the locals in the district to work closely with the leaders and development partners to protect the environment.

Muchuguzi was  on Monday speaking during the budget conference held in the district council hall.

The budget conference was held under the theme “Full monetization of Uganda’s economy through commercial agriculture, industrialization, expanding and broadening services, digital transformation, and market access.”

Ntungamo Authorities Urge Responsible Use of Mosquito Nets to Combat Malaria

Anthony Kushaba


Local authorities in Ntungamo are emphasizing the importance of responsible usage of mosquito nets provided by the government in the fight against malaria. The call to action came during a ceremony to receive 304,640 mosquito nets procured by the government, with Deputy Resident District Commissioner Robert Niwamanya Kamuntu leading the charge.

Ntungamo District Unites in Grief, Calls for Reconciliation

By Anthony Kushaba


Ntungamo district is currently engulfed in a deep sense of mourning as it bids a heartfelt farewell to two highly respected councilors who tragically lost their lives in a devastating accident. Pius Niwagaba, the LCV councilor representing Nyarutuntu sub-county, and Monica Kutamba, who served as both the councilor for Ngoma sub-county and the district secretary for works, met an untimely demise in a fatal collision on Monday.

Ntungamo chairperson roots for teamwork

By Anthony Kushaba


Ntungamo district local council chairperson Sam Muchunguzi Rwakigoba has called on the civil servants in the district to embrace team work if effective service delivery is to be realized.

Muchunguzi who was last evening speaking at the retreat for the heads of departments and the members of the district executive committee held at Mutumo Island resort on Lake Nyabihoko revealed that team work makes it easy for the staff to work together in harmony as well as supporting one another in case of need.

Ntungamo Authorities embark on restoration of Kyabajwa wetland

By Anthony Kushaba


Authorities in Ntungamo district have embarked on the restoration of Kyabajwa wetland.

The wetland in question is located in Kyabajwa village of Itojo Parish in Itojo Sub County –Ntungamo district.

Abraham Atuhaire an environment officer with Ntungamo district says that over three hectares of the wetland were encroached and depleted by locals who have been growing cabages, tomatoes and planting of Eucalyptus trees.

Atuhaire revealed that the activities threaten the ecosystems as well as threatening the existence of wildlife.