Ntungamo workers are urged to prioritize human rights protection.

By Anthony Kushaba

Civil servants in Ntungamo district have been urged to always prioritize human rights protection while executing their duties.

This call was made by the Ntungamo chief administrative officer, Mathias Ndifuna, while speaking at the dissemination meeting for the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights held in the district council hall.

Ndifuna revealed that protection of human rights is vital and will only be realized by helping the communities fight poverty, which he said is on several occasions responsible for domestic violence.

Ntungamo locals asked to own government projects.

By Anthony Kushaba

Ntungamo DLG.

Ntungamo locals have been urged to always own the government programs that are always allocated to their entities if value for money is to be realized.

This call was made today by the Ntungamo district chairperson, Ntungamo Sam Muchunguzi, while speaking at the launch of the construction of the Kahunga-Nyarubaare-Kyangara road in Ntungamo Sub County, held at Kahunga Trading Center.

The chairperson revealed that the locals have a vital role to play in ensuring that the projects are realized and achieve their intended purpose.

Ntungamo youth urged to embrace modern diary management

By Anthony Kushaba 

The youth in Ntungamo have been urged to embrace modern diary management in a bid to fight poverty and unemployment. 

This call was made today afternoon by the RIPPLE effect, formerly known as send a cow program funding and communications manager Alex Bagora while speaking at a stakeholder meeting held at the Ntungamo Resort hotel.

Bagora revealed that the organization will be working with the youth in the district under the Youth Inclusive Diary Market System (YIDAMS), where they will be trained in modern diary management.

Rukungiri court acquits Ntungamo district engineer

By Anthony Kushaba

Butubuura prosper was acquitted of uttering false documents by the chief magistrates court in Rukungiri.

Butubuura was cleared of all charges of falsifying documents by a court presided over by Rukungiri chief magistrate Mbabazi Edith Mary.

The engineer was dragged to court by the inspector general of government because he had allegedly uttered a false document allegedly signed and denied by Mr. Jackson Byamukama, the then Kanungu town council town clerk, between October and November 2013.

Councilors urged to champion fight against crime

By Anthony Kushaba

 NDLG-Communication office

Councilors in Ntungamo district have been urged to champion the fight against crime saying that quarrels that start as minor end up escalating into serious crimes such as murders.

The call was on Wednesday  made by the Ntungamo deputy resident district Commissioner  Robert Niwamanya  Kamuntu while addressing the district council presided over by Speaker Nicholas Twikirize held in Ntungamo district council hall.

Ntungamo residents are urged to embrace the titling of their land.

By Anthony Kushaba

Residents in Ntungamo district have been urged to embrace securing land titles in a bid to ensure that they add value to land as well as reduce the challenges of land grabbing.


The call was  today afternoon made by the vice chairperson of Ntungamo district, Asuman Kigongo, while speaking at the systematic land adjudication and certification workshop held in the district council hall.


Locals urged to embrace the COVID-19 booster vaccination.

 By Anthony Kushaba

Locals in the Ntungamo district have been to embrace COVID-19 booster vaccination in a bid to avoid the re-occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This call was this afternoon made Nesterio Twesigye the district health educator in Ntungamo while speaking at the district risk communication meeting held at the Ntungamo district boardroom.

He revealed that the district has disbursed VACCINES to all the health facilities and urged the locals to ensure that they do not miss out on the vaccination.

Ntungamo RDC rallies parents to take their children for COVID-19 vaccination.


By Anthony Kushaba

Ntungamo resident district commissioner Geoffrey Mucunguzi has called on parents in the district and the entire country to embrace and support the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination for children.

 Mucunguzi who was on Saturday evening speaking to our reporter in Ntungamo town revealed that the vaccination for children between the ages of 12-17 is very important since it will help the children have the immunity to fight any outbreak of COVID-19.