Civil servants asked to desist from irresponsible spending.

By Anthony Kushaba:

Civil servants have been urged to desist from irresponsible spending that often sees them spending more than they earn.

The call was made today by Ntungamo chief administrative officer Nasser Mukiibi while speaking at the induction of newly appointed teachers held at Ntungamo district council hall.

Mukiibi revealed that some civil servants engage in multiple borrowing, which stresses them out and causes them to become disoriented and unable to concentrate on their jobs as they hide from their creditors.

Locals receive alternative livelihoods as compensation from the green climate change project

 By Communication office


At least 50 families in Rwenanura-Kakukuru town council in Ntungamo district who were evicted from the Rufuha wetland in 2018 received alternative livelihoods as compensation from the Green Climate Change Project.



Goats, fish ponds, and an irrigation scheme are among the compensation measures provided to the community in order for them to appreciate living with the wetlands while not disturbing them and instead assisting in their conservation.



Ntungamo launches polio vaccination campagn

By Communication Office


Ntungamo’s acting district health officer (Ag.DHO) Sr. Hope Katusiime has launched a three-day house to house vaccination campaign against Polio.

The campaign that will take three days is set to kick off on  Friday the 14th to 16th January 2022  apart from Ngoma and Rwentobo where vaccination will be on Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th Jan 2022 where all children under the ages of five are highly encouraged to be vaccinated.

Ntungamo RDC calls for improved monitoring of health services

By Anthony Kushaba’


Ntungamo resident district commissioner David Kaboyo has challenged in charges of health centers in Ntungamo to improve on their commitment to monitor service delivery and ensure that there are clear duty roasters so that those to cover duty shifts are clear including weekends and night shifts.

Kaboyo revealed that the move will lead to increased uptake of health services and better health service delivery.

Ntungamo CAO calls for improved supervision of government schools


By Anthony Kushaba


The Ntungamo district deputy chief Administrative officer Fedelis Kiiza has called on the leaders at lower levels of leadership to improve on the supervision of government schools in a bid to improve the quality of education in the area.

Kiiza was on Wednesday speaking during the district’s technical planning committee held in the district council hall.

Authorities call for collective efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS

Authorities call for collective efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS
By Anthony Kushaba

 Authorities in Ntungamo district have called for joint efforts towards fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The call was made by Christopher Nshemereza a principal township officer who represented the chief Administrative officer at the media and key stakeholder’s engagement organized by Organization for Community Empowerment (OCE) held at redcross hall in Ntungamo municipality.


Outgoing Ntungamo chairperson roots for unity

By Anthony Kushaba


The outgoing district chairperson for Ntungamo Denis Singahache has called for unity among the leaders and technocrats in the area.

Singahache who was speaking at the official handover of office held at the district’s board today afternoon revealed that the accomplishments that have been achieved by his leadership were made possible by the close working relationship his team had with the technocrats, development partners and the communities.


Ntungamo locals cautioned as a stray crocodile is sighted in the area

By Cummunication office


Authorities in Ntungamo district have cautioned locals to stay away from Omungyenyi swamp after a stray crocodile was sighted in the area.

The Crocodile in has been sighted near omungyenyi trading center in Rubaare sub county.

Ntungamo district Tourism officer Robert Aturinda says that the crocodile is mature and has been sighted near Omungyenyi bridge where locals have been watering their animals and others thronging the area for swimming.

Ntungamo moves to contain an outbreak of lumpy skin disease

 By Communication office




 Authorities in Ntungamo have embarked on a move to check the spread of lumpy skin disease following an outbreak in the area.


The outbreak has so far been confirmed in the sub counties of Rukoni East, Rukoni West, Nyakyera and Kitwe town council.

Julius Baguma a resident of Nyakyera sub county says that they outbreak has hit hard the farmers since they have to meet the cost of the treatment on their own.


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